Lizzio Development Group

Are you curious about the origins of Tennessee’s best smart home builder? CustomSmart Homes was established by the Lizzio Development Group, LLC, one of the state’s unique family owned and operated companies. They’ve given countless local families well-built, efficient, environmentally friendly, smart homes, and helped with the home construction for a family that was featured on Extreme Home Makeover . CustomSmart Homes was founded in 2008, but the Lizzio’s experience with construction isn’t new. There are three generations of the Lizzio family currently running Lizzio Development Group, LLC and CustomSmart Homes, and they have over 80 years of experience with construction, management, and business.

The expertise of the Lizzio family has helped them earn praise from their customers and praise from organizations.  CustomSmart Homes is certified by Energy Star, the world’s leading authority on environmentally friendly living.  Energy Star has strict requirements for builders and architects to meet in order to earn their certification, and CustomSmart Homes has been able to meet their requirements time and time again.  The company is also an authorized builder for Nationwide Custom Homes, one of the finest modular manufacturers in the nation.  CustomSmart earned the status of one of Nationwide’s top builders in 2010 and currently sits on Nationwide’s President’s Council.

Overall CustomSmart Homes is a successful local family owned and operated business, and the praise they’ve earned from their clients and other organizations goes to prove that they’re the #1 smart home builder for Tennessee’s residents and families.