Custom Smart Homes

Are you a Tennessee resident that is thinking about moving to a new home?  Take a moment to think about your ultimate dream home.  When you were visualizing your ideal home, what did you think about?  Would you have architects and engineers help you design your new house?  Do you want to work with experienced Energy Star certified builders that give you frequent progress updates?  Would your home be energy efficient with complete automation for your electronics, utilities, and heating & cooling systems?  If you’ve been thinking about those attributes, there is a builder you need to know about.

CustomSmart Homes is an Energy Star certified home builder that provides custom modular homes to residents in Eastern Tennessee.  Their homes are environmentally friendly, well-built, and can be completely automated.  CustomSmart Homes geothermal HVAC systems are very efficient, home owners can save 60%-70% on heating and  cooling costs and 15%-30% on total energy costs.  The geothermal heating system isn’t the only green component  their homes utilize. Their homes also can be outfitted with photovoltaic solar arrays so home owners can supplement their home’s power requirements.  Some have even been able to eliminate their power bills because of the abundant energy their arrays produce.

Your CustomSmart Homes’ environmentally friendly HVAC system and solar panels aren’t the only eco-friendly features CustomSmart Homes offers.  Their modular home building method allows manufacturers to properly insulate and seal areas that most on-site builders wouldn’t be able to reach, and that difference helps drastically increases the home’s energy efficiency.   By using modular construction homes are built in half the time it would take to build a stick built home.  Once the building materials are shipped to the factory manufacturing modular units takes 12 – 14 days.  When they arrive to their home sites they’re up to 75% – 85% complete with the drywall, trim, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures already installed.

If you’re ready to build your green dream house in the volunteer state, find a home builder like CustomSmart Homes so they can help you design and build your new home.